John T. Yeska Jr. – Formerly Associated with the Rose Watson Foundation

John T. Yeska Jr. was formerly associated with the Rose Watson Foundation in central Michigan. The foundation provides scholarships to deserving students in Catholic high schools in the area. Yeska is devoted to giving back to his community by volunteering and contributing to organizations like this everywhere he has lived. He moved to Tampa Bay recently and has begun working to pass the Florida bar exam so that he can help people with their legal issues at a local private practice. He also plans on earning a commercial pilot’s license to fly for airline companies out of Tampa. Yeska’s desire to be involved in the community has followed him everywhere.

John T Yeska JrThe John W. and Rose E. Watson Foundation provides opportunities for students who work hard and achieve in the classroom and in the community to attend college. Qualifications for those applying to the scholarship fund include need, academic achievement, community involvement, work ethic, and church involvement. The foundation’s board determines how much each recipient will get based on these factors, but the Watson Foundation Board will not pay for all of the recipient’s college expenses. The foundation was started in 1953 when the first scholarships were for $250. John and Rose knew then the power of a Catholic education and wanted to ensure that churchgoers of their community could have the opportunity to attend college. These days, the foundation gives over $300,000 in scholarship money to over 2550 students in the area so they can get a good education at the school of their choice.

John T. Yeska Jr. was happy to contribute to the John W. and Rose E. Watson Foundation while he lived in Michigan. Yeska wanted to give opportunities to those who want to attend college as he did. He hopes to contribute to his new community in Tampa, Florida.

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