John T Yeska Jr. Television Favorites

One of the great American pastimes is television. Since the introduction of the television in the average family home in the mid-20th century, television programming has been a major factor and an indicator of the culture within the country. What once started out as just a few channels has grown to a mega-lineup of constant 24 x 7 programming with many choices and specialties in programming to choose from. Some of the earliest programming were variety shows which introduced performances of all types to American living rooms. That grew to comedy skits, which led to the common situational comedy also known as sitcoms. Around the same time there were other more dramatic forms of programs that were scripted such as the crime detective genre and police show genre. In time television began to reflect some of the social mores of the kinds and controversial topics began to be introduced in television programming. This compelling format would be the talk around the water cooler on Monday mornings as cultural questions in an evolving environment of change played out on television. Some of history’s best television shows centered on things like women’s rights, poverty, blight and other challenging topics. Today that history of drama has propagated into the world of cable networks who hold the banner of writing compelling shows which are realistic and are quite different from the deluge of reality based competition type of shows which seem to be the norm on standard networks. John T Yeska Jr‘s favorite shows to watch are the ones that require effort to put together and don’t try to present themselves as reality when they are the farthest thing from it.

John T Yeska Jr

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