John T. Yeska Jr. – How to be a Commercial Airline Pilot

John T. Yeska Jr. has a dream to become a commercial airline pilot. After spending years as a law enforcement officer in Michigan, Yeska moved to Florida to pursue his dream job. He lives in the Tampa Bay area and hopes to obtain his pilot’s license and a job flying all over the world soon. Here are the basic steps to becoming an airline pilot, some of which Yeska has already completed:

John T Yeska Jr

  • Get a bachelor’s degree. A four-year degree is required to get a job as an airline pilot, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The degree can be in any major, but if you enter college with the intent of being a pilot one day, you may want to enroll in an aviation aeronautics program.
  • Gain flight experience. To obtain a commercial pilot’s license, you have to log 250 hours of flight time. For an airline transport pilot certificate, you have to log 1500 hours. You can gain this experience through flying schools approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and degree programs. Pilots must also log at least 40 hours of instrument flying ratings, which demonstrate an ability to fly in poor visibility conditions.
  • Get your license. Obtaining a pilot’s license requires that you complete the flight experience regulations, pass a written exam, demonstrate flying ability, and pass an instrument flying rating exam.

John T Yeska Jr. has begun logging flight hours in preparation for obtaining his pilot’s license. He wants to travel around the world and earn a good living doing it. He has his sights set on flying out of the Tampa airport regularly to destinations throughout the world. He hopes to convey people safely to their destinations regularly, and he hopes that he can donate part of his large salary as a pilot to charities and other organizations in the local community that help the less fortunate.

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