About LEXIS-NEXIS – John T Yeska Jr.

John T Yeska Jr. is an aspiring professional who plans on taking the Florida State Bar Examination, which is a requirement for all attorneys who wish to practice in the state of Florida. One of the things that he has achieved in preparation for this future career is becoming certified on what is known as LEXIS-NEXIS Advanced Case Law Legal Research. His mastery of this tool means that he is on the cutting edge of legal research with the ability to tap into thousands of sources of information in preparation for legal recordings and procedures. This tool gives him the ability to uncover critical sources in a quest for legal knowledge and it unlocks access to business, news, public records and legal information from across the entire country. This tool is recognized as a tremendous timesaver in that it is easy to search and control the work process.

John T Yeska Jr

John T Yeska Jr

As a powerful resource for online legal research, one of the things that makes it such a great tool is that it is built on a very user-friendly platform. Legal firms that utilize this powerful tool find great gains in productivity due to its incredible utility. With this achievement in hand, it is clear that a legal employer will look to his ability to function immediately as a practice ready associate who is wired and can think like a lawyer on their first day of work. It is a great background to have in preparation for this career, especially since utilizing this tool is considered such a timesaver and a strategic advantage in the practice of law.

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