John T. Yeska Jr. – Citizen’s Award

John T. Yeska Jr. received the Citizen’s Award from the Governor of the state of Michigan in 2001. Then-Governor John Engler bestowed the award on Yeska because of his long hours of volunteer work for the Michigan State University Museum in East Lansing, Michigan. Yeska has fostered an interest in history, aviation, law and political science throughout his long career as a law enforcement officer. His extensive work in the museum allowed him to learn and talk about some of his favorite subjects with children, tourists, and other adults visiting the museum to learn about the history of the state.

John T Yeska Jr

John T Yeska Jr

John T. Yeska proud of his Citizen’s Award, and he continues to work in his community to make it a better place. He has since moved to Florida, where he hopes to work as an attorney soon. He is primarily interested in Elderly Law, estate planning, tax law, and labor law. He is hard at work studying for the state bar exam so that he can pursue what he calls his dream job as a lawyer. Yeska feels that his prior experience in law enforcement lends itself well to his dream job, and he feels that he can help people the most by developing his already excellent understanding of the law.

Yeska earned his Juris Doctorate Degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School and has been trying to help people navigate the law ever since. Yeska hopes to complete his studies for the bar exam in the state of Florida soon, so that he can contribute even more to people’s understanding of the law and of the history of the law in the United States. Yeska plans on helping clients at first with their credit history, helping them find lines of credit and work to pay off their taxes and other debts. He hopes to pass the Florida state bar exam in 2016.

John T. Yeska Jr wants to help his career by helping others around him. As a former law enforcement officer, Yeska knows that navigating the law can be difficult for many people, especially the areas of law that confuse many people, such as tax liabilities and family law. Yeska hopes to work with people in need of his law expertise in Florida and start his career anew in a community that needs his help. Yeska started in law enforcement because he wanted to keep his community safe. He believes that he can continue to help others with his knowledge of the law and how to navigate its confines for the benefit of his future clients in his new community. Yeska wants to find new opportunities to help his new, adopted community any way he can.

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