ATV Maintenance – Preparing for an Epic Ride

When it’s the time of year to start up your ATV and hit the back roads, it is important to make sure your vehicle is ready to ride. However, there are many essential maintenance items that tend to get overlooked when preparing your ATV for an epic season. Here are several things to pay attention to while performing pre-season maintenance on your ATV.

Oil Change – when you change the oil it is important to adhere to the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer when reinstalling the drain plug and oil filter. The twist on filters are similar to automotive filters only need to be hand tight. Be sure to tighten the drain plug to its specific torque specification to avoid stripping the threads.

John T Yeska JrAir Filter – when cleaning the foam filter, avoid using gasoline. Gasoline will gradually eat away the glue that holds the filter together, forcing you to have to buy a new one sooner rather than later.

Spark Plugs – depending on how much you use your ATV and the amount and quality of gasoline you use, you may need to invest in a new spark plug. Make sure to get a high-quality spark plug or you may find yourself stuck out on the trail. Changing your spark plug twice a year, even if you’re not having trouble, can boost your vehicle’s performance.

Grips – keeping your grips secure at all times will help you keep control of your ATV. Keep a bottle of grip glue in your toolbox to remind you to check your grips before you head out.

Front Tire Pressure – keeping your front tires properly inflated will keep you in control of your vehicle and make turning the bars hassle free. This simple maintenance task will also keep the tread wear even across the tire.

Keeping your ATV in top shape will make your rides more enjoyable says ATV enthusiast John T Yeska Jr. Spending a little extra time on your vehicle before heading out for the first ride of the season is well worth the trouble.

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