John T. Yeska Jr. – Passing the Bar Exam

 John T Yeska JrJohn T. Yeska Jr. wants to earn his legal license in 2016 by passing the bar exam in Florida, where he lives. Yeska wants to use his legal expertise to help people in his community with their tax, family law, and other issues many people typically struggle with. Yeska plans to be completely prepared for the daunting exam by 2016 by studying hard and using his time well. He has been following several bar exam tips used by many lawyers before him and developed by experienced lawyers who have passed the exam in the past:

  • Register for the exam early. Applying to take the bar exam in any state is a long and expensive process. Start early to make sure you fill out the correct forms, get your background check, gain access to all the necessary historical records (such as your driving record, addresses for everywhere you’ve lived since age 18, and more) you’ll need to complete and pay for your application.
  • Focus counts. When you sit down to study every day, don’t distract yourself with online articles, Facebook, people trying to talk to you, etc. Find a quiet place where you can focus undisturbed on the material you’ll need to master in order to pass the exam.
  • Studying is a quest. Think of your study sessions as another leg in a long and profound journey. It may not seem like it when you’re sifting through case histories, but studying is a quest. You’ll learn plenty about the law, but you’ll also learn about yourself along the way. Each day, you move a little closer to your goal.

John T. Yeska Jr. wants to open his own practice in Florida where he can help people by practicing elderly law, labor and employment law, family law, and more. He will study for as long as it takes to ensure his success.

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