How to Pass the Florida Bar Exam

If you are studying to be an attorney in the State of Florida, you will need to prepare to take the Florida Bar Exam. Over the years, the bar exam in Florida has become tougher with the revision of several subjects and the addition of new ones. For some people preparing for an exam is a daunting task, but it does not necessarily have to be so when preparing for your bar exam. Here are a couple of tips to help you prepare for and pass your bar exam.

John T Yeska Jr

John T Yeska Jr

Start Studying Early

Many students make a mistake of waiting too long to begin preparing for their exams. When you are preparing for the Florida bar exam, you will need to start early and master the unique Florida distinctions in topics like procedure and homestead. If you plan to start studying six to eight weeks prior to the exam, it might not be a good idea. Trying to cram everything into your head before the exam is like “binge studying”, and is not recommended. It is advisable to start at least six months ahead of your exam, making sure you put in between 20 to 25 hours of study time per week.

Speaking “Florida”

Several successful attorneys from other states have failed to pass the Florida bar test because they tend to use the approach they learned in other states. Florida has many different test rules when compared to other Northeastern jurisdictions. If you are planning to take your Florida bar exam, you will need to learn the Florida law. Just learning the rules and elements is not sufficient to pass the Florida bar exam.

John T Yeska Jr. is a successful, self-employed individual who has traveled widely. He holds a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees. He is also the recipient of the Juris Doctorate (JD) from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

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