Simple Tips for First-Time Jet Skiers

Jet skiing is an exciting sports everyone can enjoy. If you are heading out to the beach, you might want to give jet skiing a try. Most beaches will have a Jet Ski center where you can hire a Jet Ski, and if you are a first-time jet skier, you can ask for beginner lessons to get you started. Here are some tips you can use if you are a first-time jet skier.

John T Yeska Jr

Getting Started

Sit comfortably on the Jet Ski and place your hands firmly on the handles. Slowly engage the throttle and the Jet Ski will move forward. Keep close to the shore and maintain the lowest speed. This will help you get a feel of how the Jet Ski responds when the throttle is engaged. Do not venture out too deep and do not increase the speed until you have learned how to maneuver the Jet Ski properly.

Learning How to Turn

Turning is probably one of the greatest challenges many people face when learning how to ride a Jet Ski. In the beginning, it might seem difficult, but as you work at it, you will find it easier to turn. Start practicing turns at the lowest possible speed. Repeat the process several times until you can balance properly and take quicker turns. Practice turns close to the shore to avoid bumping into other jet skiers.

Need for Speed

Start increasing your speed slowly and head out a bit away from the shore. As you accelerate on the throttle, the nose of the Jet Ski will rise above the water level. Keep at it as you hone your Jet Ski skills and enjoy your ride.

Managing Impact

As you accelerate, the Jet Ski will rise above the water. Depending on the speed, the Jet Ski might float above the water for a few seconds before landing back on the surface of the water. You will have to learn how to raise yourself a few inches off the seat as the Jet Ski lands on the water to reduce the impact.

John T Yeska Jr. enjoys spending his leisure time jet skiing and boating. John holds a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees and is currently studying to be an attorney.

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